Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Each day is fresh, is new, but sometimes it begins deceivingly. Dishes in the sink, emails screaming to be answered, and phone calls to be made. None of those things make me feel refreshed. They make me feel smothered by yesterday's troubles and tomorrow's agendas. 

I have learned over the past three months that while I can slither out of bed several times after the snooze goes off, it takes a good deal longer to get my motor started, so to speak. Alas, if I truly sleep in, it adds extra stress and chaos getting my seven year old dressed, fed, lunch packed, and spit polished in time for carpool. I have learned these are not the mornings I enjoy most.

My ideal morning? I still slither out of bed, but after the alarm goes off. The first time. Okay, maybe the second. Then I get dressed to the point that I can put on my boots and not feel like a weirdo if I had to run an errand. (Read: NO YOGA PANTS). Add some black coffee, enjoyed before the family is awake, a little quiet time to dwell and read, and I am all in for the day. I have come view my boots with great fondness. I slip them on, and I feel like I can get things done. I know they are not magical, but they may as well be. I do not know what it is, but when I sit down during the day (without a purpose), I end up feeling all antsy inside. I have to get up, get going, to do things. Somehow, by the end of a busy day, I survey my home, feel satisfied with work well done, and only then I sit back and kick up my heels. This is not a new idea. Props to Fly Lady and all her fabulousness for the "put on your shoes" concept. When I need a little pick me up, I love perusing her site. It is packed with sage advice on the art of keeping your home. She recommends lace-ups, but I bet if I told her about my magic boots, she would be cool with it. 

Tomorrow is the start of a fresh month, and a brand spanking new minimalism game. Maybe you do not have boots, but perhaps you have your own ritual, your own "magic feather" for routine? I aim to have as many boots on days as possible this month, and 
I hope that you do too.

Dear friends, may you find your "boots" each morning, enjoy a great cup of joe (or tea), and as always, 

Have Peace and Purge On.

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