Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fresh Air

The last two weeks have been just that. A breath of fresh air. First a ladies weekend at the coast, giving me a chance to get away from home for a bit, listen to the roar of the waves and the soft voice of God, and then a family wedding in Seattle, once again giving me a breather from the daily routine of motherhood. But what has not seemed fresh? Well, in the hubbub of schedules, I have not had the chance to do much purging. I hate it. It has become a comfort to get rid of a little more of the excess, chipping away at it each day.
But I come to Monday once again and discover myself frustrated that there is still a pile of laundry in my recently purged garage-Grrr! And I have not yet set aside new piles to drop by for donations this week. Fear creeps in. I have come far, but have so far to go! What if I do not make it? What if I return where I have already crawled? My natural tendency is to be discouraged, but instead I am going to step back and evaluate.

1. Where I have come from. Since June, I have cleaned out my closet, donated more items than I can count, rid myself of two dumpsters worth of junk, and now have a relatively clean garage and shed.

2. Realize I have a few items just waiting for that final kick out the door. I discovered the errancy in keeping piles of "donate," "sell," and "trash" items the first round of the MINSGAME. Unless the stuff actually went out the door, I still felt owned by it. For example, scrapbook stuff.  I have tons. I know it needs to go, I just have to take the time to post it up on Facebook, give it a week, and then pass it on if no one wants it. It is time. I will write it on my calendar for next week, and gather things together. There are three boxes of things I simply need to load up in my car and drop off. I will load up and drop  off today so I can experience the freedom of having those things actually GONE. 

In the meantime, I am thankful for the anxiety they are causing me. A year ago it would not have bothered me, because cluttered was "just who I was."

But no more. I chose to reject that label, and prayerfully persue who I aim to be. To be who I aim to be.  

Have peace, & purge on!