Friday, September 26, 2014

Today is Sacred

This day is sacred. No really, it is. As I have been ridding my home of the unnecessary, the unused, and the forgotten it has been compelling to find so many things I saved "for a special occasion" or "a rainy day." Items such as Ahava body mud from the Dead Sea that I purchased, well, at the Dead Sea. Just sitting in my bathroom closet since 2004. That's ten years folks. I kept telling myself I was saving it for some kind of reward, some glorious spa night I would throw for myself. But since I purchased it I got married, opened a business, and had four babies in my living room. Yet none of those things seemed to warrant earning the privilege of using this particular bath product. After that list of accomplishments, what was I waiting for? Winning the presidency?

 I found cloth napkins on clearance two years ago for next to nothing (thanks, Target). I "discovered" them as I was gathering donations. I had at least twenty of them, brand new, tags still on. Again, I had to ask myself, what exactly was I waiting for? Thanksgiving dinner with my grandchildren? 

So I slathered myself in mud from the Dead Sea. It made me itch all over as I waited the suggested twenty minutes. As I sat itchy in my tub, I thanked God I was full of breath and life, able to feel the very sensation that was about to push me into crazy town. Then I washed it off, enjoyed the softness it left, and went on with my life.

I ripped the tags off the napkins, washed them, and ironed them. Now I use them as often as possible. Because I think they are beautiful. If my use of them leaves stains, I will simply be reminded that I have a messy, creative life full of things and people that keep me busy cleaning up disasters and surrounded by love. And if they get destroyed, the world has more napkins I can buy.

Lesson learned. Today is a good day, today is a worthy day. Whether it be filled with joy, frustration, or sorrow. So I will drink good coffee, use my cloth napkins, and soak in whatever luxuries come my way.

Have Peace & Purge On!

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