Friday, October 3, 2014

A Tall Glass of Water

One of the more surprising elements of purging my home were the voids that were revealed. As I began to rid myself of the excess that we were not using (or were only using because what we really liked was not washed, easy to find, etc), the "holes" started to surface.  The first one for our family was simple: water glasses. I currently use and purchase cheap glasses from IKEA. I know they will not stand the test of time, but the reality of having a load of little kids is that nothing will. Okay, plastic and stainless steel would probably weather the storm, but I like glass, alright? Not everything I do is practical! Trouble was, we had three tall glasses, and one short one. Not even enough for us to each drink from at dinner. Mugs, on the other hand, we had. Lots of mugs, even though I have been purging them since before it was cool. We also have an abundance of canning jars. Jars too, they can hold liquid for drinking as well. So what was I to do? Did I truly need more drinking glasses? Not really. But it would be awfully nice. I prayed and pondered, and decided if God wanted me to have water glasses, He would give them to me. Considering the process I was going through, I just did not have peace about going out and buying them. So I left it at that, and drank from Trader Joe's Salsa Verde jars. No big deal. If drinking from a jar was what it took for me to reach simplicity, fine.

A week later, guess what? A lovely friend was packing to move, and in the process chose to post items on Facebook for others to enjoy. Included in the stash was a dozen water glasses, just like the ones I already had. A day later, they were at my home. Her husband worked near our business, so he dropped them off, and the next thing I knew I had glasses. Without even leaving my house. Boom. 

This simple provision fueled me. How silly was I to hold onto the things I may need someday, when God so clearly meets my silly "wants" in a heartbeat? He even did it through the process of someone else giving excess away. Clever move.

Who have I been holding blessing from by keeping what I currently do not need? What if I begin looking at my compulsion to keep items as a visual representation of my lack of trust in God to meet my future needs? Ouch. Okay, I'm off to go pack a donation box now.

Have Peace & Purge On!

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  1. What a great story. I have actually been having the same dilemma. I want glasses that all match so I can get rid of all the mismatched stuff and all the plastic cups I hate. But it's just not practical now and those mismatched glasses and cups function fine so I will choose to be thankful for what I have.