Sunday, October 5, 2014

Given and Gained: Days THREE, FOUR, & FIVE


I have often found that once you have made up your mind, the rest is just easy. I have had my sights set on these vases for a while. I used two of them regularly for years (and the third is a new addition), but not in ages. I set them out on my porch, and by dinnertime two had been nabbed by my lovely neighbors (really, I have the best ones. Honest), leaving one vase. I had the hubs grab a bunch of flowers on the way home from work, and once the groceries were in, my daughter and I walked over to my folk's house to surprise Grandma with flowers.

Given: Three Vases

Gained: Cupboard space and brownie points.


Given: Three Old Canvases
             Four Pieces of Outdoor Decor
             One Small Table
             One Pretty Plate (to be gifted back)

Gained: A cleaner porch, and less thoughts about how to "decorate" it. A comfy chair that invites a neighbor to come sit is one thing, but none of our outdoor paraphernalia was comfy to sit on. Off go the decorations, and maybe next year we will use the space wisely to extend hospitality.


  1. I really love your blog. It is brave and inspiring. I have been purging for over a year after reading Jen Hatmaker's book Seven. I love the idea of having a set amount of clothes in each category!!

    1. Thank you. I just finished Seven yesterday (I managed to borrow it from a friend. Perfect, right?)! It is always amazing to see how areas of life intertwine, & I love the inspiration to look at so many different areas of life.