Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Given & Gained: DAY ONE

October 1st, day one of my fourth (yikes!) minimalism game. I realized in the last week that I want to turn the heat up a bit on myself and make even more headway. I am loving the freedom of less, and this far into my journey I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here is my plan. I am going to play hardcore. It goes, that day, by midnight. If it cannot, I need to find something to go in its stead. I have also decided my goal is to play for three more months. I honestly think this will take me exactly where I aim to be. And that takes me to January. Guess what will not be on my resolution list for 2015? Clutter, baby! I am hoping it gets a bit harder for me in December anyway, because why should it not? A time of consumption, a time where gifts abound while so many are in need. If I end up giving till it hurts in December, all the better. It will be worth it to me and my family.

While this whole process boasts and aims to eliminate what is unnecessary in my life, I cannot help but notice the abundance that is now covering me and my home. Therefore this month as I participate I am going to partner it with at least one thing I have more of in my life now, because I have chosen to minimize. So to kick it off, Day ONE. 

Given: A Metal Privacy Screen. 
My mom gave this to me for my birthday last year, regretted it immediately, and has wanted it back ever since. I have spent the last year trying to make sure it does not topple on a small child and brain them. I think it is time for her to have it back.

Gained: Shared Smiles. 
Less stuff, more time for me to gaze into the eyes of these sweet wee people, and to laugh at their silly antics. The love we share makes my heart almost burst. Sigh. 

Have Peace, & Purge On!

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