Monday, October 6, 2014

Trajectory Check

I am a firm believer in reassessing life at least every three months. If I do not, it is so easy to find myself living amiss, not even realizing my actions do not line up with my goals. The thing is, there are seasons. Some things that have importance for a while might not matter in another few months. Other passions become true life goals to attain. It is time for me to look forward to January and decide who and where I want to be. My specific goals are:

1. I want to be able to clean my whole house (sweeping, mopping, etc) in one hour. Note: progress has already been made in this area. It used to take us a full day to get the house in shape. We are now down to a little over two hours. 

2. That our home would be simplified enough that it could be packed in one day, if needed. For so long I felt chained to this house through the possessions in it. No more. We plan on staying forever, but if not, I want us to be ready to roll.

3. That our home would be ready to be used for hospitality. My husband and I love to host, but when you take into account our family size, we do not have what most people would consider "room for it." But I bet if I get rid of enough things, we will have room for more people. I do not need a perfect home, but I want to feel at rest in it and ready to receive whoever God brings my way that day at a moment's notice. While we are a full enough house that we cannot easily accommodate visitors for an extended stay, my goal would be that we have room for them temporarily. 

4. That the outside of our home would mirror the in. My hubs added this one. Right now, it is kind of a wreck, quite honestly. While it would be easy for me just to push it on my spouse, the fact is he has spent years working on the inside of our home, trying to manage the clutter. My clutter. Now we are getting to a place of simplicity, and our goal as a team is that the inside can be my domain, and the outside, his. To many this may seem old fashioned, but we kind of are. And I hate spiders. There are way more spiders outside than in. Enough said.

For now, that's about it. If those four goals were true, a whole host of other things would naturally fall into line. Alright. I am off to gather some donations.

Have Peace and Purge On!

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  1. I love your goals. Mine are very similar. I have always wanted to be able to invite people over or make people feel like they can just stop by whenever but right now it takes too much effort to get everything clean. Getting better little by little.